Thursday, December 24, 2009

Elfvis Christmas Lights

I wanted to recommend my favorite Christmas lights this year.
They are Elfvis Christmas lights located in the neighborhood right down from my house ( in Behren's Ranch).
It is a must see!
Check them out at:

Merry Christmas to all my friends.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Daddy the Photographer

My daddy got a really nice camera for his birthday in September.
Since then, he has become a crazy photographer taking pictures of flowers,
insects, raindrops and of course his favorite subject,
I don't mind. My daddy is so happy taking pictures. It makes me happy to be a part of his new hobby.

Yes, I know you have seen this picture at the top of my blog, but, I wanted to get it posted in my blog.
Daddy often moves around furniture outside just to get the right picture.

Yes, this picture is at the top of my blog.
But, I need it in my blog book if Mommy ever makes one.

Having a ball at the park.
Such Joy!

Hope you have someone who loves taking your picture too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Fun!

This Christmas was so much fun!
Mommy and I filled our days making cookies to give to the neighbors, walking through Bethlehem and seeing Santa to name a few!

Crushing herbs for perfume at the Walk through Bethlehem.
This is hard work!

Grinding grain for bread.

I LOVED decorating Christmas cookies all by myself!

This year I liked Santa!

Merry Christmas!
Hope your Christmas is magical!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread House

Today, Mommy and I made our 1st Gingerbread house.
It was so yummy....I mean fun!
I definitely think we should make this an annual Christmas Tradition!

Eating a piece of Gingerbread while I decorate the house.
One piece for the house, one piece for my plate.

Mommy forgot to tell me not to put chewed pieces on the house.
Does anyone want a piece of gingerbread house??

Our finished Gingerbread House!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

When your Daddy's a Longhorn....

You may find yourself at the UT tower
...taking pictures
... at midnight your PJ's

Yes, after the Horns won the Big 12 championship Saturday night,
Daddy just had to stop by the tower before heading home to take some pictures.
Can you say OBSESSED!
Did I tell you..
I was very tired.
It was cold.
I was the only 2 year old around.

But, that doesn't stop me from throwing up my Hook'em for the horns
and my crazy daddy!

Wrapped up with Mommy in front of the tower
It was worth it though!
I loved seeing the burnt orange tower all lit up.
Who needs Christmas lights?

The Chuy's Parade

Last weekend, I went to the Chuy's Parade with Mommy, Ronito, and Grandma.
I had so much fun!
I never knew Austin had such a nice parade!
I definitely recommend it!

Waiting for the parade to start

Some of my favorites were the Carebear balloon,


Mr. Potato Head,

and of course all the princesses!

And a Christmas parade wouldn't be a parade without Santa.

My New Freedom

This weekend, my Nana and Papa came to visit me.
It was so nice seeing them as always.
They brought Christmas gifts just for me.
My favorite gift, besides lotion, was the pink tricycle they bought me.

Here I am riding it up and down the street.

Oh the places I will go...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Warning: Potatoes will never be the same again!

Today after I went potty,
I stated to Daddy, "My Poo Poo looks like a potato, except it's Poo Poo!"
Yes, Daddy brings out the best in me.
Sorry I had to share. I know potatoes may never be the same again for you.
But, I warned you.
Hey, at least I made a simile!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


We spent this Thanksgiving at my Papa Don's and Grandma's house.
I had such a great time being silly with my family most of the day.
I have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for lot's of pictures.

I am thankful for green bean casserole and
Aunt Laurie of course, whom I love to cook with.

I am thankful for my family and Hook'ems!

I am thankful for Ronito even though he doesn't like holding my hand.

I am thankful for Dancing with Papa and
my favorite letter, H.

I am thankful for the trees and that I am NOT a bird!

I am thankful for spinning with Aunt Tootie.

I am thankful that my family likes to take SILLY pictures!

Seriously, I had such a great Thanksgiving.
I am reminded how blessed and thankful I am for not only my family but also ALL the blessings in my life.
I am thankful today and every day!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet Berry Farm Harvest

Okay! So, my neighbors and I went to Sweet Berry Farms over a month ago!
But, I have been so busy playing and being 2 that I never got around to blogging and posting these Oh-so-cute pics!
It is still Fall, so I figured I could get away with it!

My street friends and I posing for a Fall pic!

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin!

I wonder if he will eat my hand??

That answer would be... Yes!

Lauren and I absolutely loved being allowed to pick the pretty flowers for a change!
What a treat!

What a beautiful bouquet!

Not so sure about this tractor thing!

Get your 30 pound Apple Gourds here!
Yes, that's right, only $3.50!

What a great day!
Past out dreaming about Pumpkins!

Happy Harvesting!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hook 'em Horns

Another obsession of mine lately couldn't make my Daddy more ecstatic!
Yes! I have figured out how to make the Hook'em sign.
I make it, and my daddy goes crazy.
So naturally, I have become obsessed with making it.
That paired with it is football season, and I love putting on my Longhorn gear and watching the horns play in my daddy's lap.
However, I still haven't figured out why Daddy likes to randomly scream at the television when he is watching the Horns play if he loves them so much!
So much to learn! So much to learn!

Hook'em Horns!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Letters Letters Everywhere!

These days, I am obsessed with letters.
I find them all around me.. at home, riding in the car, on people's clothes.
They just can't hide from me.
I am even more obsessed with writing letters.
I am constantly shocking my mommy when I show her a new letter I wrote.
I have written the letter O, D, H, P, Q, V, X, and T to name a few.
I just can't seem to stop this addiction I have with letters.
Today, I pulled out one of Mommy's alphabet letters, and said,
"Let's learn the letter Q today Mommy!"
how about the letter V?"
Mommy laughs since I obviously already know the letters.
But, hey she's my teacher, and I just want to make her feel helpful sometimes!

A Rudolph book that Mommy suggested I color.
Instead, I just wanted to practice writing my letters all over it.
What letters can you find?
Aren't letters so fun!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Walking Pnemonia

Oh No!
Today, I finally found out why I have had a high fever all week that nothing seemed to make go away.
I have walking Pnemonia.
I can tell you I have learned being sick is NO FUN!
I can't go out and play with my friends. I missed bible study, music class and swim class this week.
I keep telling my parents, "If you let me go outside and play, I WILL feel better!"
But, they don't listen, all they keep doing is
taking my temperature and making me take medicine.
I like medicine, I really do. But after almost a week of it, even it is getting old!
Today, I did get to go to the hospital and get a special picture of my chest made and
they even gave me a very special bracelet to wear with my name on it!
The only bad part was they gave me a HUGE shot...bigger than my little eyes have ever seen.
And let me tell you it HURT!
Most Definitely!

And just in case you were wondering, finally, my parents gave in and let me play outside just for a minute.
They made sure nobody else was playing, but
you can't win them all when you're sick.
I just don't have that kind of energy!

Well, here's hoping I don't get sick anytime soon again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Wise old Potty-Trained Self

I did it!
At age 2 and 1/2,
I am officially a big girl!
I love being potty-trained,
Mommy loves that she can now officially say she knows the exact location of every public restroom in the city of Round Rock.

There definitely is a maturity aspect that goes along with being potty-trained,
as suddenly,
I am now talking in compound sentences.
For example,
Today, I said things like, "Lauren made me sad because she took my doll away."
In addition,
I am already mastering my sneaky side that comes only with
For example,
Today, I was viciously arguing with my friend, Lauren because we both wanted to play with her baby doll.
We were right in the middle of a tug of war battle over the doll, when
Mommy walked up.
Without a second thought, I immediately switched to ever so sweetly saying,
"Here, Lauren. Here is your doll."
Oh yes, I love being potty-trained.
Big girls are definitely wiser indeed!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in Oz

We started our Halloween day by carving our pumpkin.

I found a seed!

Helping out so much!

My cousin, Ronito, decided to try on his Pirate costume!

Later that afternoon, Toto and I are all ready to go!

Hooking up with my friend, Lauren before hitting the streets together!

A few group pics with my street friends are always a must!

Hanging out at our block party watching UT, eating, and playing!
What a Treat!

Halloween wouldn't be complete if I didn't visit Mrs. Paula to get my special Halloween Treat!

This Halloween Gig Rocks!

Here's Hoping your '09 Halloween was Happening!!

Just Hanging Out! (The above wonderful pictures were taken by my dear friend and photographer, Dana Bone.)

Stealing a Kiss!

Having Fun with Mommy and Daddy

Enjoying the beautiful Austin days!