Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little Nature Girl!

Ella and I Love to be outside any chance we get. But, there is one difference between her love of nature and mine.

I love catching toads! I don't even care when Mommy and Daddy tell me they might pee on me! I usually carry them around with me until Mommy makes me set them free.

I love catching lizards! I don't care when Mommy tells me it's tail might fall off when you pull on it too tight. ;-)

I Love worms. A few weeks ago, when Mommy and Daddy were adding dirt to our flower beds, I collected a whole bucket full of these crawly friends! I didn't care one bit that I broke many of the worms in half when I picked them up! I was in heaven!!!

Ella was clearly not! She wants nothing to do with my "Bugs! Forget about cute rolly pollies, ladybugs, or butterflies!

Yep, I'm a little nature girl!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy and Daddy of our Daddy out there! It doesn't get any better than these 2! We Love you!!

Happy Father's Day to the best PaPa and Daddy in the World!

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Just Hanging Out! (The above wonderful pictures were taken by my dear friend and photographer, Dana Bone.)

Stealing a Kiss!

Having Fun with Mommy and Daddy

Enjoying the beautiful Austin days!