Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Mommies Top 5 Obsessions

I'm always up for a challenge. Some of my friends have challenged my mommy to name her top 5 obsessions. I, of course, didn't want to be left out...after all this is MY blog...about ME. So here is my Mommy's and My Top Obsessions.

1. Blogging about me and reading blogs about all my friends and their mommies.

2. Playing with and reading to me of course.

3. Laser Hair Removal...My mommy is addicted and says it is sooooo...worth it. She's going to start her legs next. She won't tell me what she has done so far....hmmmmm??

4. Jogging around Brushy Creek with is so beautiful this time of the year.

5. Eating Starbursts and drinking Land O Lakes French Vanilla Coco with Marshmellows on top...which is why she has running as her previous obsession.

My Top 5 Obsessions

1. Walking around in Mommy and Daddy's shoes.
2. Bringing lotion to my mommy and daddy and saying, "feet?" They always rub them.
3. Asking my Mommy and Daddy to read to me book after book after book. I wear them out!!!!
4. Bouncing on the trampoline
5. Playing PeeBoo (peek-a-boo) with mommy and daddy...I hide behind shower curtains, in cabinets, undertables ect...
Just 2 more...I'm a busy girl
6. Sitting on my cat Zoey!!
7. Everyone knows I can't leave out eating.... I think I could eat all day....Honest I could.

Now it is your turn to name your top 5 obsessions. I can't wait to read them.

1. Miss Dana
2. Miss Mia's Mommy
3. Miss Charlotte's Mommy
4. Mr. Vaughn's Mommy
5. Miss Ava's Mommy

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's What's on the Inside that Counts

Don't judge a cabinet by it's outside.

It's what's on the inside that counts!!!!

My New Hiding Place!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pictures of Our Family Painting

Our painting of our 1st family picture is complete! My mommy and daddy chose an impressionism style. The artist just sent my mommy and daddy these pictures for approval! I love it! Thanks for helping choose such a beautiful picture!

After much research, my mommy and daddy chose to perform the job of creating this beautiful, very important piece of art.
Thanks to Dana again for taking this beautiful picture!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 18 Months Old to Me!!!!! Now Complete!

I am now finished with MY Top 18 Changes at 18 months!!!
Yeah! I am finally 18 months old!!! Don't people start voting at this age??? I definitely lived a simplier life way back in '07 .... Their was no spinach, time outs, more sleep, less questioning, less boo boos. Those were the days!!

But, I most certainly enjoy these days better... the days of maturity and asserting my independence. To celebrate my special landmark birthday, I decided to take a minute and reflect on how much I have matured since my younger days...

How I have Grown and Changed through my 547 days...

My Top 18 Noteworty Changes

Sporting my Longhorn Hat....Yesterday
(1 Day Old)

Sporting my Longhorn Hat.... Today
(17 months old)
Letting someone else lead the way
(1 week old)
Bath... Today
Managing a Fotune 500 Business from the Bathtub
(17 months)
Cuddling with Loved Ones....Yesterday
(1 Day old)
Cuddling with Loved Ones... Today
(17 months)
Play Attire....Yesterday
Fully covered in a swaddle, head support, look of curiousity
(1 week old)
Play Attire...Today
Stripped down to the bare essentials, balls, friends, water, look of determination
(16 months old)
Carseat Fun with my Cousin....Yesterday
(4 weeks old)
Carseat Fun with Cousin...Today
(17 months old)
What my playdates looked like...Yesterday
Laying around the comfort of someone's home..staring into loved one's eyes
(2 months old)
What my playdates look like... Today
(Climbing fences at the Austin Zoo... staring into Cougar's eyes)
(17 months)
Pillows... Yesterday
(2 months old)
My Updo... Yesterday...
(low maintanance)
(3 months)

My updo... Today
(well at least I can wear a bow now...that's progress!)
(17 months old)


Gym play...Yesterday
(4 months old)

Gym play...Today
(18 months)


Giraffe Love...Yesterday

(4 months old) Giraffe love....Today
17 months old


My Masterpieces....Yesterday

painted food on my face... accidentally
(4 months)

My Masterpieces...Today
Painted paint on paper...deliberately
(16 months old)


How I went on walks...Yesterday
Attached to my Daddy to protect me
(8 months)

How I go on walks...Today

Leading the Way with a big stick to protect me
(16 months)


Drum fun in music class...Yesterday
(9 months)

Drum fun in Music Class...Today
(I'll just sit on it so nobody can play it)
(17 months)


What captured my attention...Yesterday
(2 months old)

What captures my attention...Today
(16 months)


(All out mad and hysterical)
(10 months old)
Crying... Today
Much more controlled...(for the moment)... thank goodness
(17 months old)
What eating out looked like...Yesterday
Crawling and umm...sand for dinner
(11 months old)

What eating out looks like...Today
Sitting pretty with friends on the deck of Central Market
(15 months old)


Sprinkler Fun...Yesterday
(13 months old)

Sprinkler Fun...Today
(15 months)
And #1 is....

What Mommy and Daddy's Love looked like for Me...Yesterday

Our 1st picture as a family
(1 Day old)

What Mommy and Daddy's Love looks like for Me...Today

Our Most Recent Picture as a family
(16 months old)

Somethings will never change no matter how old I become.
I know my parents will always love me!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hannah Live...Just Sounding Cute!

Everynow and then, I have to get Mommy and Daddy to record me because some of the things I say sound so cute. I know that one day I might be too modest to speak so freely. So they have to capture it while they can. Plus Mommy and Daddy want to remember my 18 month oh-so-cute voice.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My 1st Look at the Zoo!

I am so lucky. Today my mommy and my neighborhood friends went to the Austin Zoo. It was so much fun! I saw lions, turtles, bears, monkies, sheep and even peacocks!
I really enjoyed getting to see all these animals up close as you can tell below!!!

1,2, 3 babies... check
1,2,3, carseats... check
buckled... check
Let's hit the road... What's taking so long Mommy? We are only spending a few hours at the zoo?

I really enjoyed looking at the goats!
(hmmm... this trashcan sure does look interesting!)

The dear were epecially fun to look at up close.
(hmmm.....I wonder if I can get that rock under that tree???)

The really big turtle was my absolute favorite to get a chance to see... What an opportunity!
(It is such a beautiful day to notice the dust particles floating in the air)

I even enjoyed looking at the camera so mommy would get some great pictures of my 1st time at the zoo!

(hmmm... Those spaces between the bench boards look like a perfect place to try to stick my hand!)

But nothing beats getting to see mommy's sunglasses she wears everyday.
Nothing beats your 1st time at the zoo!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Family of Turkeys!

Since I love telling eveybody that the turkey says, "Gobble Gobble,"

This past Friday, mommy knew just what to do......

Make Turkeys!!!

I loved making a turkey with all the different colors, tracing my hand, and coloring, coloring, and coloring. I watched mommy make a mommy turkey, I made a Hannah turkey. So when daddy got home, it was time...

for daddy to make a daddy turkey!

Here is our family of turkeys. What a nice looking family if you ask me!!

Gobble Gobble!!

Just Hanging Out! (The above wonderful pictures were taken by my dear friend and photographer, Dana Bone.)

Stealing a Kiss!

Having Fun with Mommy and Daddy

Enjoying the beautiful Austin days!