Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Music Class Costumes

I got to wear my Halloween costume at music class yesterday. I was so thrilled!!

Here I am playing the drums in my giraffe costume.

Of is much more fun sitting on the drum.
(Notice my head gear is now off!)
Playing instruments in class.
(Notice... Giraffe costume is now history...This is only a 45 minute class! It didn't take long to tire of this silly costume.)
You can also see my other stripper friends in this picture. See if you can tell who was which costume... a Princess, a Kitty, and a Bumble Bee... Halloween is sooo fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My 1st Slumber Party!!!

This past weekend, I got a chance to stay overnight without my parents for the 1st time ever! Fortunately, I got to stay with my Grandma and Papa Don. We had a great time... and.... some hard times!!

I can't lie and make it all glamerous!!! Of course I missed my parents... and I got a little tired from all the fun I had with my grandparents.

Grandma and Papa Don made a life-size doll house for me to play in this weekend. As you can tell I loved it!

I love all the toys my grandparents have for me. It never gets boring around their house!

Of course, I read lots of books!! This always makes me happy!

And it wouldn't be me or my grandparent's house if I didn't eat...

and Eat....

And Eat!!!
Thanks Grandma and Papa Don!!
I love you soooo much!
(and so does my Mommy and Daddy)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Votes Are In!

The winner is: Family Walking Away
My 1st Family picture done as an oil painting will look Oh So Great in the Living Room!
Mommy and Daddy were originally going to go with "Daddy Hanging Upside Down from a Tree"
But thanks to you who voted, I now know that would not have made the grade!
Happy Weekend!
I'm off to spend my weekend with Grandma and Grandpa!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boo Buddy Fun!!!

We love the "poppy" headband our boo buddy gave us in the neighborhood!

Almost Perfect!!!!..... I took this decorating thing very seriously!!
Mommy gave our boo buddies cookies. However, I ate the ones I decorated. I just don't get this whole giving to others....what I worked so hard to decorate thing!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love those Horns!!!

Okay!! So I will share being #1 with those Horns!!!

Getting ready to leave for the game! Go Horns!

But... Mommy and Daddy dropped me off at Aunt Tootie's house to play with my cousin instead! Can you believe the inequality???

If you are not going to take us with you to the game.. we are not going to show off our horn shirts or participate in your little picture-taking session!!
Mommy looks funny because we are pretty heavy and I was s.l.o.w.l.y slipping out of her hands.

Nana and Papa Come to Visit Me!

My Nana and Papa came to visit me this weekend... and boy did we have some fun!
We played, read lots of books, and even went to my 1st pumpkin patch!!! There I got to ride on a hayride, go through mazes, ride a pony, pet all kinds of animals, and of course pick out the perfect poppy (pumpkin) to take home! What a weekend!

I had to high-tail it because mommy was chasing me through the maze!

I found an unsuspecting surprise in this crevice...hmmmm???

SSSShhh!!! This boy was hiding in the maze.
What a clever idea for next year!

I wasn't so sure about this pony. He was trotting along pretty fast!!

Posing in the pumpkin patch!

I'll just snatch this notepad from Papa while he is posing!

Come visit again soon Nana and Papa! I had a blast spending time with you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote For Our Family Picture!!

Mommy and Daddy do not have a family picture in our house of the 3 of us!
Can you believe That?
They were waiting for the perfect one!!
With the help of our friend, Dana, we were able to get several!
Please help us choose our 1st family picture!!!
See Poll on the Right Side for pics.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Silly Me!!!

I love making everything into hats right now... buckets, bowls.... etc.

I started with giving Kitty a hug!!!
How Sweet!

But then..... I sat on him!!!
.....and acted silly of course!
I know he is not a horse or a wrestler down for the count...
but.. I pretend anyways!
Poor Zoey!! He has such tolerance!!
I know he is so glad I am here to entertain him! Can't you tell?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Stroll in the Park SINKS!

My mommy is alittle embarrassed to tell this story so I decided to tell it for her. My mommy and I just finished running around Brushy Creek when we decided to stop at the playground right up the hill from this duck pond. All the sudden, I see my mommy playing chase with the stroller. The stroller was racing down the hill.. My mommy was screaming, "My ipod!!!" I was screaming, "My SIPPY CUP!" Within seconds, the stroller dove into the pond. I guess it wanted to play with the ducks since noone was playing with it beside the playground. My mommy calls the stroller a lemon since the brakes don't work. She is really confusing me!!! I told mommy next time, maybe she should buy a stroller... not a lemon!!!! My mommy looked really silly chasing a stroller... That is for sure.

If you look closely, you can see my sippy cup floating away in the distance. Bye Bye Sippy Cup! You took good care of me, and hopefully the ducks will take good care of you!
Also lost in the reckage was mommy's sunglasses, and a towel. The stroller and the ipod are currently in the hospital being treated for water overdosage. They are projected to make a full recovery!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playdate Fun!!!

I loved playing with friends Paisley and Ava in our luxury backyard pool!

Look at those Buda Bellies!!

Mommy made us all edible playdough to play with. There was no playing for me. I went straight for the eating part!

Logan, Patrick and Luke having some fun!!!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ....Lovely Lauren is the fairest of them all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meeting Jackson Coppi

Hmmm! I have never seen a baby this little before!!
Giving the Baby kisses!
Did you know that Jackson's older sister's name is Kyndal!! For some reason everyone thinks this is so funny!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parachute Fun!

I' m the one off to the left taking it all in. I love parachute play!!!
Here I am reaching for a bubble. I'm behind the 1st blond headed boy. Bubbles make me so happy!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Little Food Beggar

I actually pushed Ronito out of the way to get a bite of this cake. My parents were not very proud of my actions. Whenever someone is eating food, I have to eat as well. It doesn't even matter what they are eating because I love it all! All I do is say "pease" and everyone always shares. I know why they call that word "magic!" People are always telling my parents they must not feed me enough. But, the truth is.. right now... I just love food!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mommy Minute... To Leash or Not to Leash?

No this is not a little girl with a tail. This is not a man walking a dog.
This is my daughter on a leash!!!
I still don't like how it sounds or looks. But, occasionally for Hannah's safety we leash her up. At least that is what I have to constantly tell myself so I don't feel like a horrible parent. Derric and I quickly realized early on in Hannah's walking days we didn't have one of those "angelic" children that stay by their parent's side and can't bare to let us out of their sight. With Hannah, it is the absolute opposite. She is a bolter and dashes away as soon as we let go of those tiny hands... and she runs.... FAST! Misti, a mentor mom of mine, recommended a leash! She said they make them look really cute these days. I wouldn't hear of it! I am not going to put my daughter on a leash, I thought to myself!! She's fine. I will just hold her hand or put her in a stroller. But of course, my daughter rebells against those lovely safety measures. So... after dashing away one too many times...
Hannah wears a leash... occasionally.
And she loves it! She gets to be free like she so wants to be, but is safe by our side all at the same time. Oh... and she loves her cute, little giraffe friend hanging out on her back! =)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Laurie!!!

Hanging with my aunt is always a blast!

I love you Aunt Laurie!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nature Walk

I'm off on my walk... The first thing I found was a good stick... of course!

Camo what???
We found this locus hiding on this stick. We could hear him chirping, but we couldn't see him. Finally, after looking and looking, we found him... right in front of us!!! That whole camoflauge thing is pretty tricky if you ask me.

Displaying my nature collection. Mommy had to help me with this one. I am not so good at using glue yet.

Body Part Points

Finally, I caved and pointed to my body parts for the camera. I can say the names of the parts as I point to them. But, ha, ha, if you think I will show you that so soon.

Just Hanging Out! (The above wonderful pictures were taken by my dear friend and photographer, Dana Bone.)

Stealing a Kiss!

Having Fun with Mommy and Daddy

Enjoying the beautiful Austin days!