Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Galveston Family Pics

Love Ella skipping in this picture!!

Thanks Dennis for taking the great pictures!

San Antonio River Walk

We went to San Antonio for Aunt Tootie's birthday the day after Christmas!  So Fun!

The mariachis sang Happy Birthday to her! She was so embarrassed. Aunt Tootie hates attention!  

Christmas Zoey

Zoey loves sleeping under the Christmas Tree!! So cute!

A special ride

I love you so much!!

Annual Can Can Caroling

We Caroled around the neighborhood for canned goods. We collected a whole car full!!  

Halloween 2014

One cute flapper and one scary witch!

Mommy loves her cuzin, "Billy Bob!"

Santa pictures 2014

What pretty girls!

You are never too old!

Annual cousin picture with Santa for Grandma!

Happy 4th Birthday Ella!!

I asked for a Barbie cake!  That's a lot of icing!!

My family came to celebrate!

My best friend Willow and I at Gatti-land!

Mommy put together games to play for my special day!! 

Race to build a snowman! And put Rudolph's nose on him. 

Race to fill a cup with "snow" marshmallows using chopsticks or a spoon. 
What a Fun 4th Birthday Ella!

Hannah's Rock Band Christmas Concert

Hannah's Rock band performed a Christmas concert this month. They performed Jingle Bells and Fearless by Taylor Swift. 

The members of the band. They named themselves, "Midnight Butterfly."

Singing Happy 4th Birthday Ella at Hannah's Recital

Mrs. Cindy surprised Ella by calling her up on stage before Hannah's recital started to sing Happy Birthday to Ella!  She was so surprised!  

Hannah's Christmas Piano Recital

Hannah's Christmas Recital-December 20, 2014. Playing Carol of the Bells and Fur Elise

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Country Girls @ Nana's and Papa's

We had such a fun time being country girls this weekend with Nana and Papa!

Aunt Kim let us ride Freckles! Thank you Aunt Kim! He is such a sweet horse!

We loved driving all the old cars at the Pittsburg Orchard!

We Loved picking strawberries for the first time!  
We also LOVED eating homemade ice cream but we were too busy eating it to take a picture! 

Thank you Nana and Papa! We love you!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Piano Recital

All ready for my first piano recital!!
I did Great!!!  I played 1 song by myself and 2 duets with my teacher!
Thank you to Nana and Papa for driving all the way to Austin just to hear me play. Where is a picture of you?  :-((. Thank you to Grandma, Pop Pop, Aunt Tootie, and Tito to for coming to my first recital. 

Happy 7th Birthday to Hannah!

Where did the time Go??
Happy 7th Birthday Hannah!!!! Age 7 or 77, you will always be my baby!!

Just Hanging Out! (The above wonderful pictures were taken by my dear friend and photographer, Dana Bone.)

Stealing a Kiss!

Having Fun with Mommy and Daddy

Enjoying the beautiful Austin days!