Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tyler Fun!

This Memorial Day, we packed our bags and headed for Lake Tyler! On the way, we stopped in Waco to visit the Cameron Zoo!!
I have to say, this is a beautiful zoo, and it is the perfect size!!

I loved seeing these BIG jaguars and cougars. When I asked Daddy what they eat, he replied, "Mommy!" Daddy is so funny sometimes.

Ella loved hanging out at the zoo riding in the stroller and in the Bjorn.

One of my favorites were these beautiful giraffes. I loved watching them reach up with their tongues to tear off tree limbs.

We saw many big poisonous snakes and Komodo Dragons! I love catching lizards. But, you won't find me catching these lizards.

We arrived in Tyler and got to see Mimi, Papa Andy and Mam'ma Ruth!

Ella with Great Mam'ma Ruth
She is the best great grandmother ever!!!

Loving on Mimi

Later, we arrived at the lake house in Tyler. We are so blessed that my Pop Pop has been coming up here for 18 years now. I got to play volleyball and badminton, swim, go canoeing, and have loads of fun with more family.

Here I am getting ready to ride the jet ski with Pop Pop!

And we are off!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 5 Months Ella Mommy Minute

My sweet girl, Ella, is now 5 months old! Time is going too fast!

I love how you love sucking your thumb when you are sleepy.

I love how you love your exersaucer and Johnny Jump up.

And of course my favorite,
I love how you Love!!!

Happy 5 months angel!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Photos 2011

A Gigantic THANK YOU goes out to my mommy's friend,
for meeting us out on what ended up being a very,
Sunday afternoon all the way in Georgetown
to take these beautiful pictures of my
Leave it to Texas weather to have a hot, sunny day that drops over 20 degrees in a moments time.
You would almost never know that we were bundled up inside blankets, and wiping runny noses
in between almost every shot.
It's a true testament to Dana's photography skills when she can make 2 cold, red nosed, girls look like they were having fun and get great pics!

We love you Dana!!!

My Rainbow Ariel Cake

My cousins and Mommy singing Happy Birthday to me!
I just love that song. It is so catchy! ;-)

This cake was pink and yummy!
Perfect!!! I am already looking forward to turning 5!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a Birthday!

Even though we are not doing a big blow out birthday party this year, (I don't mind. All I asked for is an Ariel cake with a rainbow on it. If I get that, I am happy!) my birthday has been so great!

I woke up to find princess balloons in my room! I was very thankful!!

When I walked into the living room, I saw a big happy birthday sign hung across the window. Sorry about the dark picture. It has beautiful butterflies all over it.

I got to pick out everything I wanted to wear to school for my birthday from my pink socks and shoes to my shirt. What do you think?

Mommy made me a special birthday breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream. Okay so they might not look so tasty, but they were delicious! Mommy tried to make me a face with heart ears. The whip cream is supposed to be hair. Work with us on this one. :-))

At school, I got to wear a birthday crown and have yummy princess cake and ice cream that Hailey's mom brought for us. We celebrated her birthday today too. Mommy brought the class my favorite, cheese pizza from Mr. Gatti's to help me celebrate.

After school, mommy took me to get a birthday cupcake! I love birthdays!!!

After gymnastics, I got to open a few presents Mommy and Daddy got for me.

A new magna doodle since mine had broken.

A princess, music book. I have been wanting this ever since Mommy bought one for Charlotte for a big sister present.

Finally, we went with Aunt Laurie to eat at a Mexican food restaurant and I had my favorite, queso! The servers surprised me with a silly hat and song. (I did not want to wear the hat, but I loved the birthday song they sang to me.)

This weekend, my family is getting together to have that yummy Ariel cake I have been dreaming about. I will be sure to let you know how it goes!

Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special.
I love being 4...... Finally!!!
It seemed like it took a whole year to finally get here. ;-)
But, it has been so worth the wait!

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Happy 4 Years Hannah.. Mommy Moment

My little baby girl is turning 4 today!!! You have been asking everyday for the last 2 months, "Am I four yet?" Since many of your friends and cousins are 4 already, it seems only logical that you would be too. I cannot believe how big you have become in just the last year alone. I am so proud of the young lady you are becoming, and at the same time, I can't help to get a little sad because you are turning into a young lady so quickly.

Royal Princess Hannah dressed up on Kate and Will's wedding day.

Loving My 4 Year Old

I love how you still put your whole self in all you do!

I love how your smile lights up a room, and your laugh is soooo contagious.

I love how right now, you say you want to be a nurse when you grow up because they help others feel better when they are sick.

I love how you LOVE to play dress up.

I love how you LOVE being a big sister so much. You want to tell every person you meet all about Ella. And almost every day I hear you telling God, "Thank you for my little sister, Ella! I love her so much!" It melts my heart to hear you be so sweet!

I love how you love to sing. You can be caught singing hymns to "You Are My Sunshine" and many other songs at any given time.

I love how you are so full of love. You love to tell your family, friends, and neighbors you love them.

I love how you hug with all your heart.

I love how you are so proud of your new accomplishments. You just light up when you do something for the first time. (like pumping your legs on the swing)

I love how you are always paying such close attention to details (from conversations we have that I don't even think you are really listening too, to pointing out every light bulb that needs to be replaced immediately after it burns out. )

I love how you love reading your bible and refer to stories from it during your day.

Happy Birthday my sweet Hannah! I am so proud to be your mommy.
I love you more than I can ever simply tell you!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

First Bath Together

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Our backyard is so fun right now. Spring has definitely sprung!
Mommy and I planted several veggies, and...

They are starting to grow! Yay!
Above are yummy squash and carrots.

Look closely, and you can see the start of a snap pea!

Our green beans are almost ready to harvest! I can't wait!

I started this green bean plant at MOPs. I planted 1 small bean seed a month ago. When I got home, I filled the cup full of water since the bean needed watering. Mommy poured all the sitting water out and placed it outside to get some drying out time.
The next day, I preceded to fill the cup full of gravel during play. At that point, Mommy and I pretty much gave up on this plant. Yet, a week later, a green stem emerged from the 2 inch pile of gravel in the cup. Realizing this plant had a will to survive, we replanted it, and wow has it grown!!

I pointed out to Mommy a bird kept going into this bush on the stone wall. So we checked it out, and....


3 little baby birds waited for their Mommy to come back and feed them.

Happy Spring!!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pump It Up

About a month ago, I learned how to pump my legs to swing. It is a new world of independence.

I'll see you at the swings!

Just Hanging Out! (The above wonderful pictures were taken by my dear friend and photographer, Dana Bone.)

Stealing a Kiss!

Having Fun with Mommy and Daddy

Enjoying the beautiful Austin days!